All the magic lies in the synergies of the team. Its members complement one another and each one excels in a specific area.

Christophe Legrand, project manager, determines the general nature of the project with the clients and establishes its specific foundations. His experience in real estate and retail has made him an expert in questions involving project development. His extensive logistical skills are an invaluable asset in monitoring the worksite.

Raphaëlle Jonckheere, architect, has in the course of her experiences acquired a genuine vision of the city and a talent for incorporating spaces there that she divides, distinguishes and assembles with an extraordinary sense of line and light. Her eye for proportions gives comfort and harmony to the whole.

Arnaud Meuwis, interior designer, goes into action when it’s time to breathe life into the space. An enthusiast of novel materials and details, he has a gift for design that allows him to translate into an image projects that are sometimes offbeat and full of character. Drawn to unexplored approaches with regard to layout, he nonetheless handles the classical style with a great deal of talent.

Whether construction, renovation, or development of private or commercial spaces is involved, A3 guides you from the first sketch to the end of the worksite.

Our team supports you through materials, spaces, new technologies, and meeting with craftspeople, and we take care of questions related to the administrative authorisations and permits to be obtained.